*Build-Your-Own-Bouquets are currently sold out and will return in Summer 2022!*

I'm so excited to share that my signature Build-Your-Own-Bouquets are officially back! Also known as BYOBs, this custom order lets you become the florist, and design your own unique, custom burlap-wrapped bouquet set, all with flowers of your choice! Here's how it works:

After placing your order for a slot, I'll be emailing you a Google Form where you'll record your selection of up to 4 flowers (you will have 10 days to make your decisions - feel free to ask questions, see examples, etc!). Your bouquets will then be crafted by me, entirely sculpted, textured, and shaded by hand.

Please note this is an order for two matching bouquets. There will be an option for earrings (gold or silver hardware; clip-on option available), or a combo of two of the following: a necklace, keychain, magnet, or pin.

Please note that unlike last time, accent/filler pieces will be considered "flowers" since I've expanded the flower count from 3 to 4 — and they account for roughly the same amount of work and space within the bouquet.

Here is a sample of the Google Form and flowers available:

I am building a (select one):
Choose up to 4 Flowers:

All bouquets come with greenery tailored to the flower(s) of choice and are wrapped in textured clay "burlap" and tied with a multicolored "twine" bow. 

Please note:

Earring options (choose one):

Non-earring options (choose two):
You're welcome to choose two of the same option above (i.e. two necklaces, two pins, etc.)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I build a two-type flower bouquet (i.e. a rose and sunflower bouquet, a carnation and magnolia bouquet, etc.)? 

Of course! If you'd like a bouquet of only 2 (or 3) types of flower, just select the 2 (or 3) that you want from the list. Based on flower sizes and layout, there may be room for a duplicate of one or more of the flowers selected :)

Why are there limited color and flower options?

Like last time, I have pre-selected color options that are commonly found in nature and complement well with others in a medley. This keeps things manageable in terms of color mixing, conditioning, and shading, and ensures there isn't excess waste.

This said, if there was a specific color you were set on for a certain flower (I know many are planning to recreate their wedding bouquets), please don't hesitate to reach out to me before or after placing your order. I'd be happy to see if I can make an exception if doable :)

The same goes for flowers. I've chosen all flowers I've made before (including some new ones and redesigns!) due to my level of comfort and condidence in sculpting them. This said, like above, if there's a certain flower you were longing for to complete a wedding bouquet, or a certain favorite flower of someone close to you, please reach out to me before or after placing your order and I can see if it's doable, however please note I cannot make any guarantees!

What is the cost?

Each BYOB will be $200 + shipping. Since these are custom, an additional amount of planning, prepping, and time goes into the process.

As with all my pieces, every flower is hand-sculpted without molds or cutters, and shaded and textured by hand. This creates a unique and natural look that I love, but does require a good amount of labor :) 

What are the dimensions and weight of each bouquet?

Each bouquet measures approximately 2 inches in length (2.75 inches with earring hooks) and weighs approximately 44 grams (0.1 ounce).

Surprisingly, these are some of the more lightweight earrings I've made, due to the fact the "burlap" sheet is so paper thin! I can say (from my own experience) that they don't tend to bother sensitive ears.

What is the turnaround time? I plan to purchase these as a holiday gift - can I ensure they will arrive in time?

If you plan to purchase these as a gift for the holidays, please let me know ASAP after placing your order via email (DMs can go to spam or get buried!) so I can ensure they are at the front of my roster. I'll be shipping out orders on a rolling basis as they are completed.

For those who are interested, I'll have a priority shipping add-on in my shop for an additional $6 that can be purchased any time prior to shipment, available after the drop.

If you opt for regular shipping, please be advised that USPS may experience some delays around the holidays. You're more than welcome to print out any images from my page or website to include in a card so that your loved one knows what will await in the unlikely chance that your package gets delayed :)

For all other non-gift orders, I intend to have these shipped out on a rolling basis throughout the remainder of 2021, so there is a chance delivery may bleed into January - I want to be very transparent about that!

I kindly ask for your patience during this process, as my bouquets are slow-made and one of my more laborious designs, made with full care and attention to detail.

Each order comes with complimentary gift-wrapping with dried/paper flowers and personalized name tag. If these are a gift or there's a name you go by aside from your shipping name, please let me know in the notes section on the Google Form. 

*All orders are final; no refunds or cancellations*